DERMALEX <strong>SCALP Psoriasis Treatment Gel</strong> Packaging

DERMALEX SCALP Psoriasis Treatment Gel


A skin-friendly and effective gel for the treatment of scalp psoriasis. Helps reduce scaling and plaques, moisturises and helps restore your skin’s protective barrier.

  • Absorbs easily, non-greasy
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
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  • This product is a medical device
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Psoriasis treatment Packaging

How it works

Dermalex Psoriasis Scalp gel is specially designed for easy use on hair-covered skin. Its key ingredients are the same as in Dermalex Psoriasis cream, at a lower concentration, optimized for scalp psoriasis.


Half of all people who suffer from psoriasis develop scalp psoriasis[21]. The symptoms can vary from fine scaling to thick, crusted plaques covering the entire scalp. This condition can extend beyond the hairline onto the forehead, down the neck and around the ears.

It has the same unique triple action:

  • Helps normalize skin cell production, tackling the cause of the disease [17,18].
  • Helps restore the skin barrier and creates a protective layer on top of the skin to seal in moisture.
  • Helps reduce patching, scaling and itching, and stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanism.

How to use

Use the gel twice a day, in the morning and the evening. There is a special nozzle on the tube for easy application to the hairline. Push the hair away as much as possible, apply to your scalp and spread the gel in a swirling motion with your fingertips. Let it dry and do not wash out until your next shower or bath.

Suitable for daily use as long as the symptoms persist.

You can use Dermalex Scalp Psoriasis long-term [19]. The gel is not visible in your hair, and does not color or cause depigmentation of the skin. It will also not stain your clothes.

When using the product for the first time, please remove the existing cap from the tube and attach the included nozzle cap for a convenient and precise application. The nozzle cap can remain on the tube after usage and can be opened/closed by twisting the nozzle cap.

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